Fighting for a world without torture: as vital now as it has ever been.

REDRESS is pursuing an increasing number of cases to secure remedies for torture. We are currently working on about 100 cases relating to 1,000 survivors in a vast array of countries worldwide.

REDRESS provides direct legal assistance to individuals and communities who have suffered torture and related international crimes in all regions of the world. Over the years, we have achieved numerous positive judgments for these survivors before domestic, regional and international courts and related mechanisms.

REDRESS confronts some of the most challenging issues affecting the world today, from global terrorism to deep-rooted societal inequalities.

Our wide range of cases concern women, men and children who have been tortured during relative peace and in times of conflict, including human rights defenders; members from marginalised ethnic, religious or other minorities; survivors of sexual and other gender-based violence; LGBTI people targeted for their sexual orientation; suspects of ordinary crimes, tortured to obtain a confession as well as survivors of torture in the context of anti-terrorism operations.

REDRESS works at national, international, and grassroots levels to have the greatest impact with the broadest reach.

REDRESS works directly with torture survivors, as well as victims’ associations and grassroots organisations that address systemic torture within specific regions.

At the national level, REDRESS provides advice and direct assistance to local human rights groups to build capacity and support their advocacy on legal or institutional reforms. REDRESS also works closely with lawyers’ associations and government ministries responsible for protecting, assisting and responding to torture and other related international crimes.

At the international level, REDRESS works with intergovernmental institutions such as the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights as well as international criminal justice institutions such as the International Criminal Court.

REDRESS seeks to strengthen international standards regarding torture prevention and reparation. It also works to increase survivors’ access to such institutions, and to increase those institutions’ support for survivors.

REDRESS is the only charity dedicated exclusively to assisting directly torture survivors to obtain reparation, while working closely with other organisations to collectively champion survivors’ human rights.

While other organisations help torture survivors in many ways, such as campaigning for their release or providing safe havens and medical care, no other organisation is exclusively dedicated to assisting survivors to obtain reparation.