Through casework, REDRESS supports torture survivors to obtain justice and redress.  We also seek to ensure that torturers are punished.

Obtaining justice and reparation is a survivor’s right and a vital step in their recovery process.

REDRESS provides wide-ranging legal advice and support to survivors to help them achieve effective remedies for their suffering.

We pursue prosecutions, take civil or administrative claims for compensation, seek consular support and diplomatic protection, and facilitate survivors’ access to national human rights commissions or other inquiry processes operating in the country.

REDRESS also helps survivors to make contact with government officials, whether to obtain apologies or other measures or to assist them to access primary support.

Internationally, REDRESS uses regional and international courts and related quasi- and non-judicial mechanisms, such as the European Court of Human Rights or United Nations treaty bodies, when it is not possible to pursue remedies at the local level or local remedies have been exhausted.

In addition to direct litigation work, REDRESS provides advice to lawyers on points of law and on legal strategies and frequently acts as amicus curiae, providing legal briefs to courts to assist them in their decision-making.

These cases are important to the individuals and communities directly concerned. They also serve the additional purpose of advancing the rule of law and the fight against torture worldwide.

REDRESS’ cases concern women, men and child survivors of torture, committed during relative peace and in times of conflict. The survivors can be suspects of ordinary crimes, tortured to obtain confessions. Or they may be human rights defenders, protesters and others tortured to quash dissent. Or persons from marginalised ethnic, religious or other minorities tortured to keep them in submission. Torture is indiscriminate.

REDRESS has around 100 open case files relating to 1,000 survivors, in a vast array of countries in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Fortunately, more and more of our clients are receiving positive judgments and an increasing number of survivors and lawyers have joined forces with REDRESS to seek remedies for torture and related international crimes.

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