About us

REDRESS is an NGO that pursues legal claims on behalf of survivors of torture in the UK and around the world to obtain justice and reparation for the violation of their human rights. We empower survivors to access justice through human rights cases against governments, civil cases against individuals, and criminal cases where we advocate for law enforcement bodies to prosecute perpetrators under the principle of universal jurisdiction. Our approach is strategic, so that as well as representing an individual we target the policy reasons that enabled the torture to take place, by building a campaign that uses advocacy, community engagement, and communications to influence change. 

REDRESS is the only international organisation dedicated to bringing legal cases on behalf of survivors of torture, an essential part of their recovery. We partner with national NGOs to develop the campaign, including medics, lawyers, advocates, and activists. We also work collaboratively with other international organisations within the anti-torture movement, including NGOs that provide rehabilitation for survivors, work with States to ratify the Convention against Torture, co-ordinate international advocacy, provide training to judges and prosecutors, prevent torture in detention settings, engage with justice mechanisms, and those who mobilise the general public. 

REDRESS operates from offices in London and The Hague, and has dedicated team of lawyers, advocates and program staff who work on our projects, campaigns, events, communications and administration. The work of our staff is supported by our Board of Trustees, our Patrons, and a Legal Advisory Council.

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