Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV)

Gender based violence involves violence against individuals who are targeted because of their gender. Sexual violence is a form of gender-based violence. Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) can take multiple forms that include both physical violence and mental torment. Depending on the circumstances, some forms of SGBV may amount to torture.

Sexual and gender-based torture and ill-treatment may include:

  • Rape and threats of rape
  • Being stripped naked
  • The application of electrical current to the genitals, buttocks, or breasts
  • Insults and humiliation of a sexual nature constructed under fear, duress or force
  • Psychological oppression, and/or abuse of power

The predominant targets of SGBV are women, girls, LGBTIQ+ persons, and gender non-conforming individuals. Men and boys can also be victims of SGBV, but women and girls are disproportionately affected.

Such a degrading experience is often difficult to talk about, and cultural sensitivities may make it even harder to do so.

If you have suffered any kind of sexual violence, it will be important to include information about this in your asylum claim in the UK, or in any other claim for justice. It is worth also looking at organisations who help survivors of sexual violence, such as:

Organisation Description Contact
Rape Crisis Support for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence

0808 802 9999


Childline 24-hour support for young people on physical, sexual and emotional abuse

0800 1111


Survivors UK Information for men and non-binary people who have experienced sexual abuse


[email protected]


Victim Support Support for victims of crime and traumatic incidents

08 08 16 89 111


Solace Women’s Aid Supporting women experiencing domestic violence, rape and trafficking

0808 802 5565

[email protected]

Refuge National domestic violence helpline for women and children

0808 2000 247


Some of the law firms (solicitors) listed under Justice, accountability, and reparations may be able to advise you on civil legal claims in relation to cases of historic sexual abuse in the UK.

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