We understand a community of practice as a group of organisations, practitioners, activists, and survivors that aim to exchange expertise and experiences and share a common interest in delivering campaigns with the objective of strengthening the anti-torture movement.

The communities of practice learn from practical experiences to reach individual and common objectives. REDRESS is promoting several communities of practice according to its areas of work and expertise, including on reparation, universal jurisdiction, LGBTIQ+ torture, and sanctions.

To contribute to the communities of practice, REDRESS promotes the exchange of practical experiences among practitioners, and fosters this exchange through:

  • Litigation Workshops. We deliver strategic litigation workshops that bring lawyers, activists, organisations, survivors, and other practitioners together to share their experiences and develop new skills, while also developing concrete plans for individual cases and campaigns. Workshops provide a good forum in which to share good practices, review the strategy of individual cases, and develop advocacy plans and other techniques that enhance the prospect of success of legal claims.
  • Practice Notes. These offer practical guidance on key aspects of holistic strategic litigation against torture as well as examples of REDRESS’ practice. Some are available also in French, Spanish and Arabic. We consult our partners in the process of drafting these documents and ask for feedback for the development of future ones. 
  • Holistic Strategic Modules and Power Point Presentations. A set of materials for lawyers and practitioners delivering workshops on strategic litigation against torture with pre-designed PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint presentations are editable so that you can tailor them to your specific needs. Modules can be combined, shortened, or supplemented with your own knowledge. Some are available in French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Just Reparation newsletter. Our regular roundup of news on reparation curated by the REDRESS legal team, keeping you up to date with the latest news  on reparation for torture and other human rights violations, including judgments, implementation of decisions and reports. To read previous editions and to sign up, visit this page.
  • Videos: Introductory videos offering explaining key concepts of holistic strategic litigation against torture in a visual way. 

  • Webinars: Recordings of our past webinars delivered together with partners and survivor’s organisations.