Our Work

REDRESS is dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide.

REDRESS combats torture using the tools of casework, research-based advocacy, and collaboration with like-minded organisations.


Through casework, REDRESS provides direct legal assistance to individuals and communities that have suffered torture and related international crimes to secure their rights. This includes legal advice, litigation support and representation of survivors in all regions of the world.


Advocacy initiatives focus on removing barriers to justice and ensuring that the absolute prohibition on torture is upheld without exception.

REDRESS’ research-based approaches positively influence laws, policies and practices to enable justice and reparation for survivors.

Collaboration with like-minded organisations

REDRESS provides technical assistance and support to like-minded organisations and networks as well as national authorities around the world to combat torture and help survivors.

The sharing of expertise within and between cultures and continents is central to REDRESS’ ethos.

REDRESS prioritises the wellbeing, interests and perspectives of survivors above all else.

Survivors come first. This means that decisions and interventions, legal or otherwise, are only made after assessing survivors’ wellbeing to avoid further traumatisation.