We support and strengthen the anti-torture movement

For over 30 years REDRESS has worked with anti-torture NGOs across the world, many of whom operate in extremely difficult circumstances. These partnerships are crucial to our work. 

The relationships that REDRESS cultivates are mutually beneficial. Our partners bring knowledge of the issues, expertise in national law and policy, experience working with survivors, and cultural awareness. REDRESS matches this with expertise in the law of torture, global connections, and the capacity to deliver international campaigns. 

We ensure that these relationships are effective and collaborative partnerships, and that both REDRESS and our partners are strengthened by the process. This work includes engaging the anti-torture movement through networks, building its resilience, promoting the use of holistic strategic litigation as an effective tool against torture through training and mentoring, encouraging our volunteers, and engaging with academic experts. 

REDRESS supports the anti-torture movement through activities such as: 

  • Solidarity Partnership. REDRESS works with civil society groups and individual lawyers all over the world, developing a community of practitioners with expertise in justice and reparation. 
  • Litigation Workshops. We deliver in-person and online workshops with our partners on Holistic Strategic Litigation against Torture, brainstorming and mentoring individual cases. 
  • Practice Notes. REDRESS has produced a series of Practice Notes on key elements of holistic strategic litigation against torture.  These practical guides support human rights lawyers and activists around the world to bring legal challenges against torture that can have a broader impact.
  • Networks. We work in collaboration with partners through networks including the Victims’ Rights Working Group, the Pan-African Reparations Initiative, the Coalition of International NGOs against Torture, and the Universal Jurisdiction Advocacy Group. 
  • Managing and Evaluating Strategic Litigation Against Torture.  REDRESS, with the support of the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture (UNVFVT), has worked on a capacity-building project to develop best practices and a short online workshop that will support anti-torture NGOs to strengthen their systems for case management, document management, data security, and reporting on their litigation and the impact achieved. 
  • Organisational Strengthening. REDRESS is able to share expertise with partners and support them with practical support.