For Media

Please contact Eva Sanchis, Head of Communications, at [email protected] or +44 (0)20 7793 1777 (office) and +44 (0)785 711 0076 (out of hours). You can also write to [email protected].

Interview requests

REDRESS regularly comments on key issues relating to torture and related international crimes. Our Director Rupert Skilbeck has extensive media experience and frequently appears in national newspapers and broadcast media. Other members of our legal team are also available for interviews in cases where their specific areas of expertise and experience lie.

Resources for journalists

‘Reporting On Torture’ journalist handbook

This resource provides accurate, up-to-date information and guidance to help journalists cover the subject of torture in detail, regardless of their experience.

The handbook explains states’ obligations to prevent, prohibit and respond to torture allegations. It also details the impact of torture on victims and provides guidance to journalists on minimising the risks they may face when reporting on torture and on how to safely and appropriately interview and interact with torture survivors.

‘Reporting On Torture’ is available in four languages via the links below:

Q&A on Enforced Disappearances

This Q&A aims to help journalists navigate the complexities of reporting on enforced disappearances in Africa, a particularly cruel human rights abuse that is prevalent on the continent, frequently used by governments as a method of repression, terror, and stifling dissent. The Q&A addresses key concepts and terminology; the main contexts in which it happens in Africa; the main obstacles faced by victims seeking justice; and the shortcomings in the available data. It also offers guidance on how to mitigate the risks to journalists and victims when reporting on enforced disappearances.

Our press releases, reports and more information about our cases can be found in our Publications and Casework databases.