Where we work

Torture is a global phenomenon, and REDRESS is active in many different parts of the world.

We currently have over 60 active cases and projects in 38 countries worldwide including in Sub-Saharan Africa, the MENA region, Europe, Asia and the Americas:

  • In the Americas, we work in the Inter-American human rights system, and have cases and projects in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the United States.
  • In Africa, we use the African Human Rights system, with cases and projects in Eastern Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda), Southern Africa (Zimbabwe), Central Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo), as well as in Northern Africa (Libya, Egypt).
  • In Asia we use the UN Human Rights systems, and have cases and projects from India, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan.
  • In the Middle East we have cases and projects from Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the UAE.
  • In Europe we litigate before the European Court of Human Rights and have cases, projects, and clients in Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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