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Homepage, Main image

Photo by Nyani Quarmyne/Panos Pictures.

Survivors’ Stories

Photo by REDRESS/Fiona Lloyd-Davies.

Latest Campaigns:

Photo by Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos Pictures.

Where we Work

Photo by ICC-CPI.

Justice for Torture survivors

“The ICC has conducted outreach sessions about ongoing proceedings to affected communities in the DRC”, photo by ICC-CPI.

Effective reparations for victims

“Women practice their literacy skills at the Heal Africa Transit Center for women victims of sexual violence”, photo by Aubrey Graham/IRIN.

International accountability

Photo by Philip Kleinfeld/IRIN.

Sexual violence

“A woman victim of sexual violence recovers in a hospital in Goma”, photo by Kate Holt/IRIN.


“A detainee is escorted to his cell by guards at Guantanamo Bay”, photo by PO2 Kilho Park.

Torture of refugees and migrants

Photo by Anaïs Renevier/IRIN.


Photo by Alisdare Hickson/CC BY-NC 2.0.

Enforced disappearance in Africa

“Protest by families of the disappeared in Algeria”, photo by Christian Als/Berlingske/Panos Pictures.


© Free Nazanin Campaign.

Get Involved

“Germany, Berlin. A man holds a sign that reads: ‘Set Free’ during a rally in front of the Turkish Embassy” by Stefan Boness/Panos Pictures.

Special Occasion

Featured image by Tom Pumford/StockSnap.

Leave a gift in your will

Featured image by Gemma Evans/StockSnap.

Shopping online

Featured image by Kaboompics.


“Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar. A Rohingya mother with her baby in a makeshift shelter at the new Balukhali Refugee Camp” by Patrick Brown/Panos.