Alleged torturer questioned in Bahrain on “fraud and other abuses”

REDRESS applauds yesterday’s reported detention of Adel Felaifel, a former member of the Bahraini Security and Intelligence Services, who is accused of perpetrating countless acts of torture in Bahrain. Adel Felaifel has reportedly been detained by Bahraini authorities in relation to accusations of “fraud and other abuses”.

REDRESS, a London-based human rights organisation that assists torture survivors to obtain reparation, has received numerous testimonies from victims who were detained by the Bahraini Security and Intelligence Services during the 1990s. Many of these cite Adel Felaifel as directly responsible for the infliction of brutal acts of torture.

“These survivors have repeatedly expressed their need to see justice for the torture that they have had to endure”, said Rosanna Mesquita, REDRESS’ UK Legal Adviser.

Earlier this year Adel Felaifel fled to Australia following the opening of a fraud investigation into his activities by the Ministry of Interior. He recently returned to Bahrain, triggering public demonstrations calling for his prosecution for “harming the rights, dignity and interests of citizens”.

The protestors, supported by human rights organisation in Bahrain, are also calling into question the new royal decree 56-2002, which grants an amnesty to members of the Security and Intelligence Services who are accused of abuses such as torture and all other forms of ill treatment.

Torture is crime under international law. The Convention against Torture, which Bahrain has ratified, provides for an absolute prohibition of torture. Bahrain has unequivocal obligations under international law to ensure that all allegations of torture are fully and effectively investigated and that all alleged perpetrators are brought to justice.

“The amnesty provisions are in clear contravention of these obligations”, reminds Ms Mesquita.

REDRESS welcomes the Emir and his government’s progress in its reforms toward democracy but urgently calls on them to ensure that all allegations of torture against Adel Felaifel are fully investigated and that he is brought to justice for these crimes.

REDRESS also calls on the Emir of Bahrain to repeal the royal decree 56-2002 and to ensure that all other allegations of torture are effectively investigated and that perpetrators are punished in accordance with international standards.

For further information, please contact Rosanna Mesquita, Legal Adviser (UK)
on 0207 793 1777, or by email on [email protected]