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Belarus Platform Supports Increasing Number of Criminal Justice Authorities and the UN

The International Accountability Platform for Belarus (IAPB) has released a new report showing the progress made towards analysing and preserving thousands of files containing information and evidence on alleged crimes under international law committed in Belarus since 2020:

  • The IAPB has collected witness statements, medical reports, court records and other materials from to 2,052 survivor-victims and witnesses bringing the total to around 20,000 documents gathered so far.
  • In addition, it has collected over 600,000 files from open sources, including more than 82,000 videos, 238,000 images and 159,000 text items from over 200 sources.
  • The IAPB continues to support the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ examination of the human rights situation in Belarus with access to its collection of materials. 
  • The IAPB is now providing assistance to criminal justice authorities from four countries.

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