29 Sept 2016 Redress new Opening

British Human Rights organisation REDRESS opens new office in The Hague

Today human rights organisation REDRESS officially started their operations in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice. REDRESS works to eradicate the practice of torture, prosecute torturers and ensure that survivors of torture obtain reparation for all the harm they suffered.

The new organisation in The Hague will be a platform to extend their presence in Europe and globally. REDRESS, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), helps torture survivors obtain justice and reparation. The Hague, as the epicentre for international justice work is a natural fit for REDRESS, and builds on REDRESS’ long experience of collaborating with the International Criminal Court and other international justice institutions, on issues such as victim participation and reparation in criminal trials.

As an internationally focused organisation it is important for REDRESS to have a base in a city and country that best exemplifies that outlook. Vice Mayor Van Engelshoven: “The Hague is the epicentre for international justice work, and in that perspective, a natural fit for REDRESS. I am sure they will feel at home in the international city of Peace and Justice.”

Juergen Schurr, Head of Law and Policy at REDRESS: “We are delighted by the warm welcome and extensive support we have received from the City of The Hague and its partners, and are especially thankful to the team at West-Holland Foreign Investment Agency and Briddge Legal & Finance. It can be a complex task to set up a new base in another country within a short period of time. We have been amazed by the degree of professional support and encouragement we have received, and it underscores to us that we have made a great decision to join the vibrant international community in The Hague.” Which will help future plans at REDRESS as it embarks on an ambitious plan to extend its collaborations with organisations worldwide to address the scourge of torture.

REDRESS are a member of the steering committee of the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court, and their presence in The Hague will help to strengthen ties with NGO partners, court officials, the diplomatic, legal, and academic community. It will also help extend their work with the European Union’s Network of Contact Points on Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes; whose Secretariat is based in The Hague.

REDRESS has been one of the main proponents of the Network, and looks forward to further collaborating with it on its efforts to end safe havens for some of the worst criminals.

REDRESS is convinced that the way forward is to increase their resolve, strengthen civil society coalitions, and build partnerships between the public and private sectors. Increasingly, domestic, regional and international courts, are setting important precedents in the area of victims’ redress and these rulings must be shared, replicated, and extended, for the benefit of all.

Note to editors: Photo: Mr. Keith Carmichael, founder REDRESS Videos: – shows footage from The Hague:

The Appeal of Joseph M from Redress Trust on Vimeo.


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REDRESS was founded in the United Kingdom in 1992 by a British survivor of torture – Keith Carmichael. He was detained without charge and tortured in Saudi Arabia for 857 days in the 1980s. When he was eventually released, he decided to establish REDRESS to work to eradicate the practice of torture, prosecute torturers and ensure that survivors of torture obtain reparation for all the harm they suffered. This remains REDRESS’ focus till today. REDRESS works with survivors to help restore their dignity and to make torturers accountable. REDRESS prioritises the interests and perspectives of survivors in all aspects of its work. The highest priority in decisions and interventions is given to promoting survivors’ well-being and the avoidance of further traumatisation. About WestHolland Foreign Investement Agency (WFIA)

WFIA was founded in 2000 to attract international companies and organisations and assists them in establishing, expanding or relocating their (foreign) operations within the Greater Hague region. WFIA supports the Municipality of The Hague, The Hague Convention Bureau and Bureau Internationale Zaken in attracting international conferences, seminars and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and to contribute to the economic growth of the region.