Combatting international crimes in Sudan: Essential new guide on role of international Criminals has been Released

REDRESS, the international NGO working to obtain justice and reparation for torture survivors, today releases the long-awaited Guide “Accountability and Justice for International Crimes in Sudan A Guide on the Role of the International Criminal Court.”

On 1 May 2007 the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for crimes against humanity and war crimes against two suspects: a minister in the Government of Sudan formerly responsible for the Darfur desk, and a local militia leader. This is an important first step after almost two years of investigations but one of the suspects even continues to be a minister of humanitarian affairs in Sudan. Only yesterday, the Prosecutor of the ICC asked the UN Security Council to take action so that the two suspects face justice before the Court.

The ICC operates in a difficult if not hostile environment. It continues to face many obstacles in holding the worst perpetrators to account and in providing justice to the many victims.

“It is of critical importance that the ICC’s work in Darfur is successful, for the victims in Darfur and the future in Sudan. The Guide is intended as a useful tool to benefit all those who are dedicated to accountability and justice in Darfur and worldwide,” said Carla Ferstman, REDRESS’ Director.

Easily available public information about the ICC in Darfur is critical for all those who are serious about justice for the crimes committed in the troubled region. The ICC’s role is often not fully grasped or is misunderstood, both in Sudan and elsewhere. The REDRESS Guide responds to the needs of Sudanese human rights activists, victims and others wishing to play an active part in the ongoing work of the ICC. It also seeks to assist all those who want to learn more about the role of the ICC in the bigger conflict raging in Darfur.

The Guide has been welcomed by human rights activists from Sudan. It closes an important gap and will be invaluable for all those here in Sudan and worldwide who are committed to lasting peace and justice in Darfur and the whole of the country.


Note: The Guide is available both in English and in Arabic, in hard copy and electronically at and

A shorter guide for victims of international crimes in Darfur is available in English at and in Arabic at