Briefing: More Needed to Secure Accountability in Sudan

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Sudan’s transitional government has taken some important steps towards securing justice for past human rights violations and international crimes in Sudan. Increased cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) evidences a commitment by the transitional government to implementing aspects of the Juba Peace Agreement, and willingness to meet Sudan’s international legal obligations. On the domestic front, Sudan’s Public Prosecution has established several investigative committees, including committees for the investigation of missing persons and the events of 3 June 2019, and has announced efforts to investigate past abuses in key cases.

These are all notable initiatives, which must now be properly implemented. Yet, more is needed. As this policy briefing discusses, this includes additional progress on the planned justice institutions under the Juba Peace Agreement and Constitutional Charter 2019, and the elimination of remaining legal and institutional obstacles to accountability. To date, the perpetrators of serious human rights violations and international crimes in Sudan have, by and large, not been held accountable, even as human rights violations continue throughout Sudan.

Photo credit: Mahmoud Hjaj/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.