Myanmar: Report Finds Victims of Sexual Violence Struggling for Survival and in Urgent Need of Reparations



Today, on the occasion of the Interactive Dialogue with Tom Andrews, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights on Myanmar, which took place during the UN Human Rights Council’s 52nd session, REDRESS and the Global Survivors Fund have presented the findings of their new report, Beyond Survival. 

The report, which draws from detailed research and interviews with experts and civil society organisations working with survivors, identifies opportunities and challenges for reparations of survivors of sexual and-gender based violence in Myanmar. 

The humanitarian catastrophe and the campaign of violence and repression, including sexual violence, unleashed by the illegal military junta since the 2021 coup d’état, has only exacerbated their already precarious situation.  

The report concludes that survivors urgently need that impunity ends, peace and democracy is restored, and that relevant stakeholders take immediate action to combine efforts and provide their support for interim reparation initiatives to meet survivors’ pressing needs. It also provides a series of recommendations to emerging political entities, civil society, the international community and donors, on how to work towards those goals. 

The report is part of a multi-country study led by the Global Survivors Fund (GSF) to fill the gap that exists around the world to provide reparations for survivors of CRSV. 

For further information, read REDRESS and GSF’s joint oral intervention to the HRC here.

To read more about the project, see here. 

For media queries, please contact: Eva Sanchis Head of Communications of REDRESS, at or + 44 (0) 20 7793 1777 or Sarah-Eve Hammond, Head of Communications of the Global Survivors Fund, at [email protected] or +41 (0) 762 94 94 85.