New Guide and Resources for UK-based Survivors of Torture Seeking Justice

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REDRESS has published a new guide for survivors of torture, their families, friends, and front-line service providers who are based in the United Kingdom. 

The “Guide to Justice, Accountability and Reparations for Survivors of Torture” provides information about the options available to survivors to seek justice, reparation, and accountability, while hoping to increase awareness about their rights. 

The Guide also provides basic information about where to find further specialist support. In conjunction with the Guide, REDRESS has published several new pages in the Help for Survivors section on our website, which provide information on where to find further support on the areas of health, trauma, medical support, and treatment; immigration; and finances, housing and employment.  

It is estimated that approximately 27% to 44% of refugees and asylum seekers in countries like the UK will have experienced torture. According to our report, Whose Justice? The UK is home to between 60,000 and 100,000 survivors of torture in the forced migration population alone. We hope that the Guide will provide survivors based in the UK with the information that they need to consider the options available to seek justice, reparation, and accountability for what happened to them.  

Photo by Stella Levi/iStock