REDRESS expresses deep concern at the attendance of alleged Indian torturers at Anglo-Indian police conference convened by Merseyside police

REDRESS, an international non– governmental organisation which seeks justice for survivors of torture, has received reports that two Indian police officers from the Punjab attending an Anglo-Indian police conference were responsible for the torture of Sikh activists in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

REDRESS has received reports that Inspector General Sanjeev Gupta was under investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation for the 1993 disappearance of Captain Sukhdev Singh, who was in his custody at the time.

REDRESS has also taken detailed statements from three witnesses in the United Kingdom, who allege that they were tortured on the orders of Mohammad Izhar Alam, Additional Director General of Police (Administration).

In two of the witness statements, the survivors allege that Alam watched as they were strung from the ceiling, held up by their arms; administered electric shocks; had their legs crushed when a heavy weight was rolled back and forth across their knees; and their legs split apart. In one instance, SSP Alam is alleged to have directed the other officers as to the type of torture to inflict. Acid was poured on the forearm of one survivor, and another was subjected to a mock execution.

REDRESS is extremely concerned that these officers were invited on an official visit to the United Kingdom,” says Dr. Frances D’Souza, REDRESS’ Executive Director.

To our knowledge, there has been absolutely no attempt to vet these officers prior to their visit it goes completely against the strong stance the Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to take on the eradication of torture around the world. Instead, the UK Government should be raising these issues with the Indian Government at the highest levels, to ensure that all allegations of torture are fully investigated, and that perpetrators are brought to justice.”

REDRESS is extremely concerned about the message this official visit sends to torturers in India and around the world. Every attempt must be made to ensure that these crimes are investigated and punished, and that the victims receive reparation.”


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