Protesters in the city centre of Karthoum, Sudan.

Sudan’s recent law reforms: explained

On 13 July 2020, the Sudanese Government published important reforms to its laws including the Criminal Law Act 1991, the Criminal Procedure Act 1991 and the National Security Act 2010. Published originally in Arabic, and now translated unofficially into English by REDRESS, these reforms are a significant first step towards bringing Sudan’s laws in line with international human rights standards, including on torture.

In order to increase the accessibility and understanding of these recent reforms, REDRESS has produced an explanatory table. This helpful document compares some of the new amendments to the old provisions, showing clearly what changes have been made.

The explanatory table can be found here.

Unofficial English translations of the original laws are also available: Criminal Law Act 1991, Criminal Procedure Act 1991, National Security Act 2010.

REDRESS would like to thank Sidahmed Bilal for his work on the translation, and legal intern Elizabeth Hartley for preparing the explanatory table.