Richard and Nazanin Ratcliffe with their daughter Gabriella.

Support #FreeNazanin and REDRESS this May Bank Holiday

The Free Nazanin campaign has touched the hearts of over 1.6 million people worldwide.

This May Bank Holiday, family and friends of the #FreeNazanin campaign will travel to Edinburgh to run in the Edinburgh marathon relay.

They are raising funds to support REDRESS and other human rights charities who are supporting Nazanin.

”We run for Nazanin, as a positive signal to her and other prisoners that no matter how far we have to run, we will endure it. She remains forever in our hearts and we will not stop running until she’s home,” said the family.

All proceeds will go to support the charities’ ongoing work on behalf of Nazanin.

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For Richard and Nazanin, Edinburgh holds a special place in their hearts. It was where Richard went to university and they would often take short breaks there, visiting friends, going on walks, eating ice cream in Leith.

Earlier this year, with the hopes of imminent release, Richard and Nazanin decided to enter the marathon relay to raise money for the human rights charities who have supported them.

While Richard and friends of the campaign have been training in the UK, Nazanin has only been able to run in the small courtyard in Evin prison.

As we get closer to the date, it looks much less likely that Nazanin will be able to enter in person and your support continues to be vital.

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