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Ukraine Crisis: UK Targeted Sanctions

REDRESS uses sanctions to prevent human rights abuses and corruption across the world. As part of this programme of work, we are analysing the UK’s use of targeted sanctions in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

For more information about our broader work on sanctions see here.

The below information was last updated on 25th April 2022. Sanctions announced since then have not yet been reflected in the analysis, and this page is no longer being updated. For up to date information on sanctions, please see The Brookings Sanctions Tracker.

Navalny 35 List

On 22 February 2022, Layla Moran MP used parliamentary privilege to identify a list of individuals referred to as the “Navalny 35”.

The UK has sanctioned 28 of the individuals named. The EU has sanctioned 21 and the US has sanctioned 23. (NB: Some of these individuals were sanctioned prior to the Ukraine crisis.)

Total Sanctions

In response to the Ukraine crisis, the UK has named 1100 individuals or entities for targeted sanctions (ie, asset freezes and/or travel bans).

The EU has named 934 individuals or entities for targeted sanctions, and the US has named 919.

Subsidiaries of entities sanctioned will also have their assets frozen. These figures refer to the number of individuals or entities identified by name on the U.K., US and EU sanctions lists.


Further information

For more information please contact Natalie Lucas, Legal Officer, at [email protected] and Natalia Kubesch, Legal Officer, at [email protected]

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