Webinar: Accountability for Torture Against LGBTIQ+ Persons in Africa

Wednesday 18 May, 2 pm


Many States in Africa continue to afford little to no legal protection to LGBTIQ+ individuals, whilst others criminalise same-sex conduct and fail to recognise the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. In recent years, there has even been a resurgence in legislation which targets, rather than protects, LGBTIQ+ persons. This has resulted in an increase in violence against members of the LGBTI+ community, while impunity remains the norm. 

According to international law, violence committed against individuals on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity can, and often does, amount to torture 

This webinar will discuss the findings and recommendations of a new report by REDRESS, UNEQUAL JUSTICE: Accountability for torture against LGBTIQ+ persons in Africa, which explores the main challenges preventing accountability for torture against LGBTIQ+ persons in Africa. 

The report examines the legal protections against such violence afforded to LGBTIQ+ persons by a number of African States, and the responses to such violence. The report also outlines specific proposals on the way forward to improve this scenario.  

The panellists include:  

  • Rodney Chalera, Programme Manager at the Centre for the Development of People (Malawi).  
  • Imani Kimiri, Head of Legal Affairs at the National Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (Kenya)  
  • Ayo Sogunro, Project Manager: SOGIESC Unit at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria (South Africa) 

 “The present report is an extremely important contribution to the knowledge stock available to the international community for its formulation of public and foreign policy, developmental and cooperation activities, and the international goals of peace and security…”  – Víctor Madrigal-Borloz, UN Independent Expert on protection from violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.