The Victims’ Rights Working Group, a coalition of experts and civil society organisations informally facilitated by REDRESS, made a series of recommendations to the Assembly of States Parties that meet in New York from 8 to 17 of December 2014. Some of the recommendations to ICC Member States included: that it consults broadly during the 2015 review process of the Victims’ Strategy; that it also reviews with broad consultation the Guidelines on Intermediaries and that it ensures that sufficient resources are allocated for its dissemination; and that it continues to engage in discussions with victims’ legal representatives and civil society experts on how to improve the current system for victims’ participation and legal representation. The VRWG also made some recommendations to the Court, including that any review of the Court’s practices on victims-related issues tries to ensure reparative, effective and meaningful procedures, not merely less costly ones, and that the adopted Guidelines on Intermediaries are made available in different languages.