Casework database

REDRESS currently has over one hundred active cases in more than 40 countries encompassing all regions of the world. Given the sensitivity of the information, we are only able to highlight information which is in the public domain.  

Dodanpegamage Asantha Aravinda v. Sri Lanka

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Asantha Aravinda is a Sri Lankan man who was beaten and arbitrarily arrested by the Sri Lankan police in2008 following a traffic accident. He was detained for several days, denied medical care and tortured.   ASANTHA’S STORY  On 28 February 2008, Asantha Aravinda and his friend were riding a motorbike when they almost collided with a truck, whose driver had missed…

Tariku Asefa v Libya

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

While transiting (migrating) through Libya on his journey to Europe, after escaping from Sudan, Tariku was abducted and held captive for over a year. He was tortured and forced to work. After his release he came to the UK and, having been granted asylum, is now seeing redress for what…

Purna Maya v Nepal

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Purna Maya (name changed to protect her privacy) is a Nepalese woman who was raped by four soldiers in 2004 during Nepal’s internal armed conflict. She suffered grave physical injuries as well as severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. PURNA MAYA’S STORY Purna Maya ran a tea shop.  Over a…

Ebenezer Ackwanga

Ebenezer Akwanga v Cameroon

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Ebenezer Akwanga is a Cameroonian national who was arrested in 1997 in relation to his political activism. He was held for six years and was tortured. He now lives in the United States. EBENEZER’S STORY Ebenezer Akwanga was born in Cameroon in 1970. He became a political activist, campaigning peacefully…

Albert Wilson v Philippines

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Albert Wilson is a UK national who was arrested in The Philippines in 1996, convicted on fabricated charges, and held on death row in very difficult conditions. He was released in December 1999 and returned to the UK. ALBERT’S STORY Albert Wilson is a British national who first went to…