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Comments to Sudan’s 4th and 5th Periodic Report to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Article 5 of the African Charter

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No more Cracking of the Whip: Time to end Corporal Punishment in Sudan

This report examines Sudanese statutory law on corporal punishment, and its practice in Sudan, with a focus on whipping as its most prevalent type.

The Draft Social Control Act, 2011, for Khartoum State

This Paper – written on behalf of the Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan – forms part of broader efforts by Sudanese civil society to raise awareness about the repressive nature of Sudanese public order law. This campaign advocates for a repeal or amendment of provisions incompatible with applicable national and international human rights standards. The current draft of the Social Control Act 2011 entrenches repressive features of Sudanese public order law for the capital, and fails to reflect any of the concerns or proposals for change made in recent years, particularly concerning women’s rights. Its broad scope further opens the door to arbitrary law-enforcement, threatening marginalised citizens and the tranquility of post-separation Sudan.

Sudan – Universal Periodic Review

This submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Sudan - co-authored by Redress and the Sudanese Human Rights Monitor - highlights the need for legislative reforms in Sudan to address persisting discrepancies between the country's domestic laws and its international human rights obligations, particularly under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. The report includes an analysis of the Sudanese Bill of Rights, with a view to identifying critical aspects that should form part of the new constitution following the end of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement interim period in mid-2011. This submission forms part of our Project on Criminal Law Reform in Sudan with the Sudanese Human Rights Monitor and Sudanese civil society.

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Implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the National Interim Constitution? An empirical assessment of the law reform process in Sudan: Challenges and Prospects

Promoting law reform in Sudan to enhance human rights protection, strengthen the rule of law and foster democratic processes

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