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Alleged torturer questioned in Bahrain on “fraud and other abuses”

REDRESS applauds yesterday’s reported detention of Adel Felaifel, a former member of the Bahraini Security and Intelligence Services, who is accused of perpetrating countless acts of torture in Bahrain. Adel Felaifel has reportedly been detained by Bahraini authorities in relation to accusations of “fraud and other abuses”. REDRESS, a London-based… Read More

Jurisdiction of International Criminal Court begins today 

The treaty creating the International Criminal Court (ICC) entered into force today, beginning the jurisdiction of the world’s first permanent tribunal capable of trying individuals accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity (including torture). Importantly, and unlike any previous international criminal tribunal, the ICC allows victims to participate… Read More

60th ratification of the International Criminal Court treaty

Today, the United Nations hosts a ceremony marking the historic occasion of the 60th ratification of the Rome Statute, the Treaty that will create the landmark International Criminal Court (ICC). The deposit of the 60th ratification triggers the Treaty’s entry into force, which, according to a timetable set forth in… Read More

Al-Adsani v. the United Kingdom 

On the 21st November, the European Court of Human Rights handed out its final judgment in the case of Al-Adsani v. the United Kingdom. In the words of Judge Ferrari Bravo in his dissenting opinion, “the Court has unfortunately missed a very good opportunity to deliver a courageous judgment.” Owen… Read More

The importance of legal redress

Fiona Mckay’s Statement to a Press Conference following the UK House of Lords Ruling on Pinochet 24th March 1999: When people think of legal redress they too often think only of monetary compensation. But that is not what redress is primarily about. Survivors of human rights violations, such as the… Read More

MPs call on government to act against torture in Saudi Arabia

The all-party Parliamentary Human Rights Group is to call on the government today (Tuesday 20 January 1998) to act against “brutal and sustained torture” inflicted on detainees in Saudi Arabia. In a comprehensive report issued jointly with REDRESS, MPs say that detained British citizens and other foreigners face torture in hundreds… Read More

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