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Universal Jurisdiction: Fighting impunity worldwide

Paris, London, Brussels: REDRESS and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) today published a report on universal jurisdiction developments worldwide since January 2006. The report highlights a remarkable increase of universal jurisdiction related developments over the past years in more than 28 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, North… Read More

Renditions, American-style: how Kenya joined the War on Terror

Kenya’s government illegally detained and rendered 150 citizens in a US-influenced ‘counter-terrorism’ operation, a report reveals today. The report, compiled by REDRESS and Reprieve, reveals the devastating effect of US policies on human rights in Africa, as Kenyan officials aped and obeyed their powerful ally in jettisoning hard-won legal rights… Read More

SUDAN: Rushed legislative reforms are counterproductive

Distinguished legal experts and human rights organisations today expressed their concerns about current efforts to rush through key legislation without adequate consultation. These reforms, including legislation on national security and the media, have important implications for human rights in Sudan. The lack of consultation adds to a series of deficiencies,… Read More