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The importance of legal redress

Fiona Mckay’s Statement to a Press Conference following the UK House of Lords Ruling on Pinochet 24th March 1999: When people think of legal redress they too often think only of monetary compensation. But that is not what redress is primarily about. Survivors of human rights violations, such as the… Read More

MPs call on government to act against torture in Saudi Arabia

The all-party Parliamentary Human Rights Group is to call on the government today (Tuesday 20 January 1998) to act against “brutal and sustained torture” inflicted on detainees in Saudi Arabia. In a comprehensive report issued jointly with REDRESS, MPs say that detained British citizens and other foreigners face torture in hundreds… Read More

Torture traders to be prosecuted in Scotland, but not in England

REDRESS welcomes the Scottish Crown Office’s decision of yesterday (28th May 1997) to prosecute the managing director of a Glasgow company ICL Technical Plastics for alleged involvement in trading in instruments used to inflict torture abroad. The allegations arose out of Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary, “The British Torture Trail”, broadcast in… Read More