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Inquiry condemns roles of Canadians in extraordinary rendition case governments worldwide must follow suit and investigate their roles in sending people to torture

Yesterday, in a landmark finding with major international repercussions, a Canadian Inquiry determined that the actions of Canadian investigators contributed to Maher Arar’s illegal rendition to Syria where he spent a year in detention and was subjected to torture. The inquiry faulted Canadian investigators with: Wrongly sharing intelligence reports with… Read More

Making the prevention of torture and ill-treatment a priority

22 June 2006 marks the entry into force of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture (the Protocol). The Coalition of International NGOs Against Torture (CINAT) congratulates the following states who have enabled this momentous event by becoming the first 20 to ratify the Protocol: Albania, Argentina, Bolivia,… Read More

A resounding NO to the use of torture

REDRESS, the international NGO that represents torture survivors in the UK and abroad, joins other organisations in calling for the Government to avoid any and all complicity in torture. REDRESS recognises the duty of all States to protect those within their borders from terrorism, but reminds that the prohibition against… Read More

Diplomatic agreements cannot be used to return people to torture

The REDRESS Trust (“REDRESS” ) is deeply concerned over the British Government’s stated intention to deport foreign nationals resident in the UK to their home countries or to third countries where they would risk being tortured or face other ill-treatment. These planned deportations would apparently be based on “ diplomatic… Read More