Clashes in Sudan

REDRESS Welcomes the Imposition of U.S. Sanctions and Visa Restrictions on Actors Linked to the Ongoing Violence in Sudan

REDRESS welcomes the imposition of sanctions by the U.S. Government against four entities for their involvement in the ongoing violence in Sudan, three of which REDRESS had previously recommended be designated. 

In February 2022, REDRESS made a submission to the U.S. calling for targeted sanctions against 11 individuals and four entities connected to a campaign of serious human rights violations against activists since the October 2021 coup, including targeted arbitrary arrests, torture, ill-treatment, and enforced disappearance. REDRESS recently reiterated this call on the basis that many of these individuals and organisations are also responsible for the current armed conflict, and continue to be linked to alleged human rights violations amidst the fighting. 

The four companies sanctioned by the U.S. Government yesterday – Al-Junaid Company for Multi Activities, Tradive General Trading LCC, Defense Industries System, and Sudan Master Technology – all have close ties to either the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) or the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and have long been accused of assisting the respective forces, including through the supply of arms, vehicles, and funds. Now, there are strong indications that members of these forces are again committing serious human rights violations such as torture against those they perceive as opposing them, namely doctors, journalists, and activists.

These are the first sanctions to be levied against any entities or individuals responsible for the war between the SAF and the RSF that has killed at least 730 individuals and injured more than 5,000 since its outbreak on 15 April 2023.  As a result of these sanctions, assets held by these entities in the US will be frozen. The US has also announced that it is imposing visa restrictions on specific individuals in Sudan. Though currently unnamed, the individuals are said to be officials from the SAF, RSF, and leaders from the former al-Bashir regime, responsible for, or complicit in, undermining Sudan’s democratic transition. 

Caitlan Lloyd, REDRESS’ Legal Officer, said:

“This announcement appears to suggest a shift in U.S. diplomatic strategy and sends a clear message to Generals al-Burhan and Hemedti that the U.S. is prepared to hold them and others accountable for their role in this deadly conflict. Now, the U.S. must not rest on its laurels. Further targeted sanctions should be imposed on all Sudanese military leaders responsible for the current conflict and the ongoing serious human rights violations, as well as the myriad of other companies who facilitate them.”

On 19 May 2023, REDRESS submitted an updated dossier of evidence to the UK government, providing further information on the individuals and entities previously recommended for sanctions, including three of those that were sanctioned yesterday by the U.S. We now call on the UK government to join the U.S. in sanctioning these entities for their involvement in post-coup human rights violations and for their role in the current conflict.

Lloyd added:

“It is clear that only a coordinated international response will succeed in ending the deadly violence in Sudan.”

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Photo: Courtesy of the BBC