Sudan revolts. Credit Hind Mekki

Sudanese Attorney General Affirms Commitment to Ensuring Accountability for Al-Bashir

In response to REDRESS’s letter of 3 June 2019, the Sudanese Attorney General’s office has affirmed its commitment to ensuring that Omar Al-Bashir will remain in detention despite coronavirus measures, and that the conditions of his detention are in line with international standards. 

REDRESS’s letter urged the decision-making authorities in Sudan to ensure respect for the rights of victims to justice and reparation, while upholding the rights of detainees to health and safe conditions of detention. In response, a representative on behalf of the Attorney General confirmed the office’s commitment to ensuring that the conditions in Kober prison are in line with international standardsHe further stipulated that Al-Bashir would be kept in detention until his trial, despite the coronavirus-related measures announced by the Public Prosecutor regarding former regime members currently in detention. He noted that the WHO’s country office had visited the prison and were satisfied that it follows international standards.  

REDRESS welcomes these assurances from the Sudanese Attorney General and remains committed to the realisation of justice and accountability for the crimes of Al-Bashir’s regime in Sudan. The former President is currently on trial regarding the 1989 coup which brought him to power, however, the proceedings have been adjourned to accommodate new coronavirus measures. He has yet to face accountability for torture, war crimes and countless other human rights violations that occurred under his regime. There are also two outstanding arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court for the atrocities committed in Darfur. REDRESS urges the Sudanese authorities to uphold their promises of justice and reparation for the victims of these crimes.