Casework database

REDRESS currently has over one hundred active cases in more than 40 countries encompassing all regions of the world. Given the sensitivity of the information, we are only able to highlight information which is in the public domain.  

Ali Aarrass

Ali Aarrass v Belgium

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

Ali Aarrass is a dual Belgian/Moroccan national who has been detained since 2008, first in Spain and then later in Morocco, where he is serving a 12-year sentence based on his confessions obtained under torture. ALI’S STORY Ali Aarrass is a dual Belgian/Moroccan national born in the Spanish territory of…

Ebenezer Ackwanga

Ebenezer Akwanga v Cameroon

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Ebenezer Akwanga is a Cameroonian national who was arrested in 1997 in relation to his political activism. He was held for six years and was tortured. He now lives in the United States. EBENEZER’S STORY Ebenezer Akwanga was born in Cameroon in 1970. He became a political activist, campaigning peacefully…

Albert Wilson v Philippines

United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC)

Albert Wilson is a UK national who was arrested in The Philippines in 1996, convicted on fabricated charges, and held on death row in very difficult conditions. He was released in December 1999 and returned to the UK. ALBERT’S STORY Albert Wilson is a British national who first went to…

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