Casework database

REDRESS currently has over one hundred active cases in more than 40 countries encompassing all regions of the world. Given the sensitivity of the information, we are only able to highlight information which is in the public domain.  

Jagtar Singh Johal

Jagtar Singh Johal

Submissions to UN Special Rapporteurs

Jagtar Singh Johal, “Jaggi”, is a British citizen who has been detained without charge in India since he was arrested in November 2017. Following his arrest Jagtar was held incommunicado and asserts he was subjected to torture.

Yefri Edgar Pena

Yefri Edgar Pena Tuanama

Yefri Edgar Peña Tuánama is a young transsexual who was denied urgent assistance from the Peruvian Police after being beaten by unknown assailants in a homophobic attack. She nearly died as a result.