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Victims’ Rights Working Group (VRWG): Strategy Meeting on the Development of Structures and Procedures for Victims at the ICC

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The Impact of Al-Adsani v. The United Kingdom

The impact of the Al-Adsani ruling and its effect on the Redress for Torture Bill formed the basis for the meeting in the House of Lords on 13th February 2002 chaired by Lord Archer of Sandwell. Lord Archer opened the meeting with a summary of the objectives of the Redress for Torture Bill. Mr Geoffrey Bindman, the solicitor acting on behalf of Mr Al-Adsani was then invited to summarise the issues in the Al-Adsani case and its implications for the Redress for Torture Bill. After a general discussion, Professor Colin Warbrick assessed possible alternative avenues available to torture survivors in the UK to ensure that their right to fair and adequate compensation under article 14 of the UN Convention Against Torture is recognised, namely the use of diplomatic protection and diplomatic representations. He explored the extent to which these options are based in UK law and the best way of pursuing such avenues. REDRESS' submission is a concise account of the meeting which took place on the Torture Bill at the House of Lords.

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2002 REDRESS Annual Report

Our annual report for 2002 provides an overview of the work that REDRESS undertook from 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2002.

Torture Survivors’ Perceptions of Reparation

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