Sudan: Legal Resources

This page provides a compilation of key Sudanese legislation in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedural law, transitional justice, and human rights. This includes legislation governing the work of Sudan’s police, security forces, and army, as well as relevant peace agreements, constitutional documents, and documents concerning Sudan’s transitional government. This page includes older pieces of legislation, where available, for ease of comparison. Relevant legislation will be added to this page as appropriate. We would welcome receiving any legal texts, including draft bills or unofficial translations, at [email protected].

See here for an archive of the REDRESS Justice + Conflict newsletter, a fortnightly roundup of news covering Sudan’s transitional justice process.

Criminal Laws

Law English Arabic
Human Trafficking Act (2014) Link اللينك
Criminal Procedure Act, Amended (2009) اللينك
Criminal Act, Amendment (2009) اللينك
Rules of Procedure for Anti-Terrorism Courts (2009) Link اللينك
Anti-Terrorism Act (2001) اللينك
Evidence Act (1994)  – اللينك
Criminal Law Act (1991) Link اللينك
Criminal Procedure Act (1991) Link اللينك

Institutional Laws

Law English Arabic
National Security Act (2010) Link اللينك
National Security Bill (2009) اللينك
Police Forces Act (2008) Link اللينك
Political Parties Act (2007) Link
People’s Armed Forces Act (2007) Link
National Security Forces Act (1999) Link اللينك
Political Parties Act (1998) Link
Constitutional and Administrative Law Act (1996) Link
Prison Organization & Treatment of Inmates Act (1992) Link
Popular Police Forces Act (1992) اللينك
Popular Defence Forces Act (1989) Link اللينك
Judiciary Act (1986) Link
Popular Defence Forces Act (1981) Link

Constitutional Laws

Law English Arabic
Transitional Constitutional Document (2019) Link اللينك
Constitutional Amendments (2014) Link اللينك
Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan (2011) Link
Interim National Constitution (2005) Link اللينك
Constitutional Court Act (2005) Link
Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2005) Link
Constitutional Court Act (1998) Link

Transitional Justice / Transitional Government 

Law English Arabic
Draft Electoral Commission Bill (2021) اللينك
Draft Law for the Manufacture of the Constitution (2021) اللينك
Draft Press Law (2021) اللينك
UNCAT and Convention on Enforced Disappearance Accession Acts (2021) اللينك
UNCAT Accession Depositary Notification (2021) Link
Convention on Enforced Disappearance Depositary Notification (2021) Link
Peace Commission Bill (2021) Link اللينك
Draft Human Rights Commission Bill (2021) Link اللينك
Draft Internal Security Bill (2021) (Unofficial) Link اللينك
Anti-Corruption Commission Bill (2020) اللينك
Transitional Justice Commission Bill (2020) Link اللينك
General Amnesty Resolution (2020) Link اللينك
Draft Anti Racial Discrimination Bill (2020) Link اللينك
Miscellaneous Amendments Law (2020) Link اللينك
Juba Peace Agreement (2020) Link اللينك


Law English Arabic
Land Commission Act (2009) اللينك
Land Acquisition Act (1930) اللينك
Land Settlement and Registration Act (1925) اللينك


Law English Arabic
Asylum Regulation Act (2014) Link
Child Act (2010) Link
Trade Unions Act اللينك
Child Act (2009) Link
National Human Rights Commission Act (2009) Link اللينك
Civil Procedure Act, Amendments (2009) اللينك
Press and Publications Act (2009) Link اللينك
National Elections Act (2008) Link اللينك
Organization of Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Act (2006) Link اللينك
Amendment of the Order of Establishment of Criminal Court for Darfur’s Events (November 2005) Link
Decree Establishing the Special Court on Crimes in Darfur (2005) Link
National Judicial Service Commission Act (2005) Link
Telecommunications Act (2001) اللينك
Khartoum Public Order Act (1998) Link
The Grievances and Ombudsman Commission Act (1998) Link
Labour Act Link
Emergency and Protection of Public Safety Act (1997) Link اللينك
Humanitarian Aid Commission Act (1996) Link
Muslim Personal Status Law (1991) اللينك
Arms, Ammunitions, and Explosives Act Link
Civil Transaction Act (1984) اللينك
Civil Procedure Code (1983) اللينك
Public Health Act (1975) Link
The Interpretation of Laws and General Clauses Act (1974) Link
Commissions of Inquiry Act (1954) Link

Regulations and Decrees

Document English Arabic
National CSO Funding Regulations (*suspended*) (2021) اللينك
Humanitarian Aid Commission NGO Registration Bylaws (2013) اللينك
Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs (MHA) and the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) General Directory of Procedures for NGOs (2007) Link
Rules for Use of Force by Police Forces (2006) Link
Organization of Humanitarian and Voluntary Work – Provisional Decree (2005) Link
Town and Rural Areas Courts Regulations (2004) Link اللينك
Presidential Decree No. (97) for 2004: Establishment of an investigation committee on the alleged violations of human rights by armed groups in Darfur States Link
Instructions No (1/2002): Regulation of Conduct of Investigation by Police (2002) Link