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Part-Time Finance/Admin Asistant – REDRESS Nederland

REDRESS Nederland SEEKS PART-TIME FINANCE /ADMIN ASSISTANT Key tasks will include: Day to day bookkeeping using QuickBooks Pro including all transaction processing and reconciliation of accounts; Responding to payment requests using cheques, BACS and international transfers as appropriate; Assisting and preparing interim and final financial reports to funders; Supporting and… Read More

Support #FreeNazanin and REDRESS this May Bank Holiday

Support #FreeNazanin and REDRESS this May Bank Holiday

The Free Nazanin campaign has touched the hearts of over 1.6 million people worldwide. This May Bank Holiday, family and friends of the #FreeNazanin campaign will travel to Edinburgh to run in the Edinburgh marathon relay. They are raising funds to support REDRESS and other human rights charities who are… Read More

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