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Pan-African Reparation Initiative meets in Johannesburg

Pan-African Reparation Initiative meets in Johannesburg

From 14-15 November, REDRESS’s Legal Advisor, Chris Esdaile, is participating in the annual meeting of the Pan-African Reparations Initiative (PARI) convened by our partners, the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), focussing on “The situation of torture in Africa”. PARI brings together approximately 30 experts and organisations… Read More

REDRESS Internship – London or The Hague

REDRESS is seeking applications from excellent graduates, postgraduates and individuals in the early stages of their careers with a strong background in international human rights law to contribute to its work in either London or The Hague. We seek to provide REDRESS interns with the experience of working in an… Read More

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