Financial support for projects supporting Strategic Litigation Against Torture

Deadline: 19th November 2023 at 23:59 GMT+1 

REDRESS is inviting applications for financial partnerships to support strategic litigation against torture, particularly in the context of dissent and discrimination. This support is through the United Against Torture Consortium, which is funded by the European Union. 

Call for applications 

This call for applications will support interventions that seek to (for example): 

  1. Strengthen accountability for torture at the domestic, regional, and international level. 
  2. Improve implementation of reparations for survivors of torture. 
  3. Strengthen access to justice through provision of legal assistance to survivors of torture. 
  4. Deliver research to create, change, or remove practice, policies, and legal frameworks that allow for torture. 
  5. Strengthen survivor participation through mobilisation and movement building in the campaign against torture. 

Depending on the country context, the objectives of the project may aim to (for example):  

  1. Influence policy at the domestic, regional, and international level.  
  2. Strengthen the anti-torture legal framework. 
  3. Advance implementation of reparations for survivors of torture. 
  4. Strengthen or complement strategic litigation against torture before domestic courts, regional human rights mechanisms, and UN human rights mechanisms. 
  5. Strengthening survivor participation and survivor voices in public discourses on the prohibition of torture. 


For this call REDRESS will prioritise applications that: 

  • Focus on survivors of torture in the context of dissent and discrimination, including survivors belonging to vulnerable and or marginalised groups.  
  • Adopt a human rights centred approach.  
  • Address torture in the context of dissent and discrimination.  
  • Prioritise the use of legal approaches to addressing torture in the context of dissent and discrimination.  
  • Survivor led and driven.  

Information on financial support  

  • Under this call for applications, you can apply for financial support up to €20,000 Euros. 
  • No individual project will be support for longer than 12 months.   

Duration of projects 

  • Projects should start no earlier than December 2023.  
  • Projects should be completed by 30 November 2024.  

Eligibility Criteria  

The call for application is primarily aimed at anti-torture non-governmental organisations. Therefore, to be considered an applicant must: 

  • Be a legally registered or constituted organisation. 
  • Be a not-for profit or charitable organisation.  
  • Have proof of incorporation or registration with the relevant national authority. 
  • Have a mandate and experience relating to challenging torture.   

What we are not able to support 

  • Projects which do not benefit the anti-torture movement.  
  • Projects which may focus on advancing justice and reparations for torture but without clear activities which relate to the prevention and prohibition of torture, or accountability and reparations for torture. 
  • For profit organisations.  
  • Individuals, including individual student scholarships, or airfares, or attendance at overseas conferences. 
  • On-going funding of applicant’s operational or organisational costs such as wages and salaries, office items and communications (core support).   

How to apply:  

Apply by 19th November 2023. 

Please send the completed forms below by email to [email protected]: