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Joint Civil Society Statement on the Safety of Rwanda Bill 

In this joint civil society statement, REDRESS and over 260 other organisations, call on the House of Lords to reject the Rwanda Bill in its second reading.

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Protecting British Nationals Abroad from Human Rights Violations – Principles for a legal right to consular assistance

Despite the considerable potential of consular assistance to protect the rights and wellbeing of British nationals detained abroad, its provision by the UK Government remains discretionary. This report sets out a series of principles to help shape a legal right to consular assistance. Moving consular assistance onto a legislative footing would ensure more robust safeguards for British nationals at risk of human rights abuses abroad and solidify the State’s responsibility to secure the rights and wellbeing of its most vulnerable citizens.

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Briefing Paper: Innovative Avenues to Finance Reparation in the UK

Victims of human rights violations have the right to effective reparations. However, those reparations are not always accessible in practice, leaving victims without redress, while those responsible for the harm inflicted continue to profit from their abuses. This report argues that it is high time for legal and policy reforms to challenge the financial impunity enjoyed by perpetrators, and fund reparations for victims. It identifies important legal and policy reforms that the UK Government should implement to ensure the repurposing of profits derived from violations of human rights and humanitarian law to provide reparations to victims. Innovative avenues are available to produce significant funds that would have a transformative impact on the lives of victims.

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Submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on the UK’s Engagement with the Middle East and North Africa

Submission by REDRESS to the UK's Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on the UK's engagement with the Middle East and North Africa. The submission urges the UK to leverage its close political and economic ties with Egypt to pressure President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s regime to enact human rights reforms to challenge torture, prioritise the protection of human rights, and promote accountability for Egyptian officials involved in committing torture and other human rights violations.

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Submission to the House of Lords Inquiry on the UK-Rwanda Asylum Agreement

Evidence submitted by REDRESS to the International Agreements Lords Select Committee Inquiry into the UK-Rwanda Asylum Agreement. This submission offers evidence in response to the first question of the International Agreement Committee’s call for evidence in relation to their inquiry into the Government’s Agreement with Rwanda on the provision of an asylum partnership: What is your overall assessment of whether the changes to the asylum partnership arrangements made by the new Agreement, including its legal form, are likely to meet the concerns raised by the Supreme Court?

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Briefing Paper: The Delivery of Reparation For Ukraine

Widespread violations of international law have been reported in the context of the Russian Federation (Russia)’s occupation of Crimea in 2014, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine which began on 24 February 2022. Beyond accountability through criminal justice processes, reparations will be needed to address the harm caused to victims, and to restore their dignity and rebuild their lives. This briefing, written in partnership with the Global Survivors Fund, provides an overview of the right to reparation in international law, the domestic level judicial and administrative initiatives and transitional justice efforts in Ukraine, and the key international mechanisms currently under consideration, with conclusions and recommendations for relevant stakeholders.

Torture in Rwanda: Briefing on the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill

Briefing outlining the consistent reports of torture being used in Rwanda by both the military and the police. The United Nations has concluded that Rwanda does not have in place the necessary safeguards against torture or the structures to respond to it.

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Annual Review 2023

This Annual Review provides an overview of the activities and achievements carried out by REDRESS from April 2022 to March 2023. As REDRESS celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023, we continued to challenge torture and push for accountability across the world. Our successes this year include developing new strategic initiatives on sanctions and asset recovery to deliver reparation to survivors, enhancing the strategic litigation skills of our partners, centring the views of survivors in our work through a newly created Survivors Advisory Group, and confronting torture used to supress dissent and persecute marginalised and discriminated groups.

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