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UK Targeted Sanctions Update

This update provides a snapshot of the UK’s use of its targeted sanctions regimes between December 2022 and 20 April 2023. ‘Targeted sanctions regimes’ include Global Human Rights Sanctions (GHRS), which address human rights abuses, Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions (GACS), which target corruption anywhere in the world (together known as ‘Magnitsky sanctions’), as well as country-specific sanctions regimes which are used to address specific issues (such as human rights or rule of law issues) in relevant countries. Such targeted sanctions can be used against individual persons and entities.

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Sudan Sanctions Analysis: UN and National Sanctions

This briefing provides an analysis of current sanctions on Sudanese entities and individuals as of 18 April 2023, including UN sanctions and sanctions by the US, the UK and the EU.

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Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review 2023

The report highlights the increasing use of the principles of universal and extraterritorial jurisdiction to curb impunity for international crimes. This trend has, on one hand, been strengthened by the mobilisation of a number of national prosecuting authorities in response to the atrocities committed on Ukrainian territory following Russia’s invasion, and, on the other hand, by new investigations targeting economic actors.The report has been released by TRIAL International in collaboration with Civitas Maxima, the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), ECCHR, FIDH and REDRESS.

Myanmar Study on Opportunities for Reparations for Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, Beyond Survival

This report identifies opportunities and challenges for reparations of survivors of sexual and-gender based violence in Myanmar. Drawing from detailed research and interviews with experts and civil society organisations working with survivors, it finds that conflict-related sexual violence continues to have devastating impacts on victims, survivors, and their families, including impacts on their safety, socio-economic status, and physical and mental health.  

Briefing Paper: Equatorial Guinea’s Stolen Assets Framework for Reparation

This briefing paper offers recommendations to ensure responsible and effective reparations and repurposing of Equatorial Guinea's stolen assets.

REDRESS Bulletin: Eight Edition

As REDRESS prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, this bulletin highlights some of our success stories in the last four months. Some achievements include the historic apology offered by the State of Peru to our client, Azul Rojas Marín, a trans woman who was tortured by the Peruvian police; the launch of our new resources for torture survivors, including our new Guide to Justice, Accountability and Reparations, and an event in the UK Parliament where survivors of torture presented a Manifesto with their recommendations to the UK government in this area. 

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Survivors of Torture Manifesto

Between March and July 2022, REDRESS sought the views of UK-based survivors of torture and their family members in the UK on what justice means to them in practice, why it was important, and what were their key barriers to achieving justice within the UK. Through interviews and conversations with 18 survivors of torture and their family members, the resulting report, ‘Whose Justice? Reflections from UK-based survivors of torture’, identified a series of broad recommendations to the UK Government to improve access to justice, accountability, and reparation for survivors of torture. Through further detailed consultation with survivors between October and December 2022, the following recommendations have been developed and endorsed by survivors.

Jagtar Singh Johal: Arbitrarily Detained British Blogger Facing Death Penalty

Briefing by Reprieve and REDRESS for Backbench Business Committee debate on 19 January 2023. 

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